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The Dandy and The Beano -
Classic Christmas Comic Covers 1937-1969

News just in in November 2019!

We're delighted to say that on 1 November 2019 we published our second book as a follow-up to the Christmas edition described below.

Beano and The Dandy Classic Comic Covers 1937-1988 showcases 160 glorious front covers of the two iconic British comics and is available for £25 plus P&P via eBay, Amazon or direct from us by PayPal or bank transfer - simply email us at for more details.


In September 2013, under licence from D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd, we printed and published 1,000 copies of the 76 page hardback book pictured below. With vintage style paper and matt laminated covers and dust jacket, the book faithfully reprinted the cover of every Beano and Dandy comic Christmas edition, from 1937 to 1969, in full size and full colour.

The Dandy and The Beano comics are British institutions evoking fond memories with their bold, bright front covers familiar to millions of boys and girls. Korky the Cat from The Dandy and Big Eggo and Biffo the Bear from The Beano were long-standing front cover stars and firm favourites with readers.

The Christmas issues had particularly attractive, stand-alone front covers and are widely collected today, so they were a natural choice to reprint. As collectors ourselves, it took us many years to acquire the original comics used in the production of the book. Once the collection was complete, they paved the way for our long term ambition of producing the book.

The unique compilation of every Christmas cover from the classic years, 1937 to 1969, of these two great national comic treasures has been relished by collectors, enthusiasts and nostalgia seekers as all 1,000 copies sold. You may still be able to find the odd copy for sale online.

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